Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Madad Kalani, Chairman

Madad obtained an M.A in Aviation Communications from theNational Aviation University, Kiev in 1992). Madad runs a private construction company. Madad is one of Al-Marsad’s founders, joining the Al-Marsad board in 2005, and becoming Chairman in 2013.

Nimat Maray

Nimat is an architect, obtaining a Diploma in Architecture from Tel Hai College, Israel. Nimat works for a private engineering company, in addition, to being a community activist. Nimat joined the Al-Marsad board in 2016.

Ehab Tarabieh

Ehab was born in Majdal Shams, in the Occupied Syrian Golan. Ehab studied classical violin at the Conservatory for Classical Music in Damascus before relocating to the Czech Republic to study film. After graduating, he made several award-winning short films.

Joining B’Tselem in 2010, Ehab has been coordinating the organization’s citizen journalism project, working with over 200 Palestinian families and volunteers in the West Bank and Gaza. The project has revealed never-before-seen footage of settler and army violence and has gained extensive international media exposure.

In 2011, Ehab co-produced and directed the project Living in East Jerusalem, a collaboration between B’Tselem and The Guardian newspaper. This interactive project that aired on the Guardian website on June 2011, features 6 video diaries by Palestinians and Israelis from East Jerusalem, and brings an intimate look into the complicated reality of this divided city. Ehab joined the Al-Marsad board in 2016.

Naif Fakher Eldeen

Naif obtained an M.A in Veterinary, in Moscow in 1995. Naif works in agriculture in the Occupied Syrian Golan. Naif is one of Al-Marsad founders and joined the Al-Marsad board in 2013.

Atef Safadi

Atef is the Director in Palestine/Israel of the European Press Photo Agency (EPA). He is based in Ramallah, Palestinian Territories. Atef has also worked with Haaretz and Agence France Press (AFP). With AFP, he covered the first Israeli-Lebanese war and the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon in 2000. With EPA, he covered the Second Intifada, Israel’s withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in 2005, the second Israeli-Lebanese war in 2006, and the Gaza Wars. Atef is one of Al-Marsad founders and joined the Al-Marsad board in 2013.

Madad Ewidat

Madad is a community activist and farmer. Mr. Ewidat is one of Al-Marsad founders and joined the Al-Marsad board in 2016.

Munir Fakher Eldin

Munir obtained a a Ph.D. in History from New York University in 2008. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, and in the Master’s Program of Contemporary Arab Studies, at Birzeit University, Palestine. Munir is also a researcher at the Institute for Palestine Studies. His research has focused on how the elite and popular actors in Palestine interacted with late Ottoman and British-Mandate discourses of reform. Munir joined the Al-Marsad board in 2013.

Staff Members

Nizar Ayoub, Advocate/ Founder of Al-Marsad and Director

Nizar is the principal founder of Al-Marsad and has served as Al-Marsad’s Director since 2012. Nizar obtained an M.A in International Law from the Institute of Foreign Relations and International Law, at Kiev National University in 1992, and a Ph.D in International Law from the Institute of State and Law, at the Russian Academy of Sciences, in Moscow in 1998. Nizar specializes in legal research and training in the fields of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. Nizar is a human rights activist and a member of Israel Bar Association. He worked with ‘Al-Haq’, a leading Palestinian human rights organization in Ramallah from 2000-2011, as a lawyer and legal researcher. Nizar has published several studies on the legal status of the occupied Arab territories since 1967 with a special focus on Jerusalem. In 2014 Nizar served as a consultant to the UN Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Nazeh Brik

Nazeh joined Al-Marsad in 2015 and is a researcher in the field of urban and regional planning. Nazeh obtained an M.A in Architecture from the University of Applied Studies of Augsburg,Germany in 1986, an M.A in Urban and Regional Planning form the University of Oldenburg,Germany, in 1989, and a Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Augsburg,Germany) in 1995.  He has produced several studies in urban and regional planning.

Karama Abu Saleh, Advocate

Karama is a human rights activist and a member of Israel Bar Association. Karama has been working with Al Marsad as a lawyer since 2015 and conducts impact litigation before Israeli courts and authorities that challenge human rights violations and discriminatory policies against the native Syrian community of the Occupied Syrian Golan. He obtained an LL.B. in Law from the Ono Academic College/ Kiryat Ono, Israel.

Salman Fakherldeen

Salman is a human rights activist and one of Al-Marsad’s founders. Since 2008, Salman has been working as a field researcher and as head of Al Marsad’s human rights field tour program.

Majdoleen Safadi

Majdoleen has been working with Al-Marsad as an executive secretary since 2010 Majdoleen oversees the running of the office and conducts the internal accounting of the organization. Majdoleen worked with the ‘Golan for Developing the Arab Villages’ organization for eight years in the field of accounting. She obtained a degree in Computer Science, from Tel-Hai College, Israeli in 1994. Majdoleen also has levels 1 + 2 in Accounting.

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