On 18 March 2017, Al-Marsad met with representatives from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to discuss the health conditions of the Syrian population in the Occupied Syrian Golan. Al-Marsad provided information on discriminatory Israeli policies that negatively impact the Syrian population in the five remaining Syrian villages in the Golan, including land appropriation; restrictions on land use for the building of houses, health, education and agriculture facilities; and discriminatory water distribution policies which limit consumption and charge higher prices than in Israeli settlements.

There was also a discussion about the historical situation in the Golan before the occupation and the Israeli policies following the 1967 occupation that resulted in the displacement and forcible transfer of 95% of native Syrian population, the destruction of their villages and farms, and the establishment of illegal settlements on the ruins.

Al-Marsad also raised concerns with the WHO about injured Syrian civilians and fighters receiving treatment in Israeli hospitals, but then being returned to Syria. Civilians including older people, women, children and newly born treated in Israeli hospitals have been returned to Syria instead of been guaranteed protection in Israel or other neutral countries until the end of the hostilities. Syrian fighters treated in Israeli hospitals are returning to take part in military activities rather than being held in Israel or other neutral countries in order to prevent them from participating again in military operations, as required by international law.

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