From peaceful demonstrations to armed conflict: considering humanitarian intervention in the Case of Syria


The current conflict in Syria has developed from an excessively violent suppression of civilian protestors by Syrian State forces into an allout Civil War. Beginning in March 2011, the conflict has troubled the conscience of the international community.

The Arab League, European Union, United Nations and States acting individually, have attempted to encourage an end to the violence through techniques of political diplomacy. This has included public appeals by State leaders and each of the collectives for an end to violence and reform of the democratic process within Syria.6 It has also involved both the United Nations and Arab League publishing resolutions condemning the violence, deploying monitors and submitting peace proposals […]

Al-Marsad, Arab Human Rights Centre in the Occupied Syrian Golan

Majdal Shams

3 December 2013

Full report available here:  From peaceful demonstrations to armed conflict

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