18 June 2015

Al-Marsad is deeply concerned with the continuing conflict in Syria and calls upon the international community to provide an adequate response that prioritises a humanitarian intervention in order to protect the civilian population and stop the war.

Al Marsad condemns the attack by the Al Nusra front on June 10 against the Druze community in the village of Qalb Luza in Idlib province which resulted in the deaths of 23 civilians including children, and the wounding and enforced disappearance of many others. The transformation of the peaceful revolution in Syria in 2011 into an armed conflict for the past four years has had cataclysmic consequences.  The collapse of normal life and the continuation of the armed conflict between the regime forces and armed groups has inflicted immeasurable pain and suffering on the civilian population.

To date the estimated death toll exceeds a colossal 230 000 people and the displacement of a staggering 11 million people both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries causing an unprecedented refugee crisis. The regime forces and opposition forces continue to commit massacres and crimes against humanity by launching large-scale attacks on civilians through illegal means such as arbitrary killings, torture, rape and forced disappearances.

Press release available here in English: Press Release regarding the deterioration of the situation in Syria and attacks on civilians

Press release available here in Arabic:   بالعربيه

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